In calling my business justruthcoaching I am emphasising my individuality, my freedom to be all of myself, ‘just Ruth’.

Free from unhelpful and limiting patterns, to live ‘my’ values, delight in the present moment with others and hold hope for the future.

It is my belief that this celebration of my individuality enables me to work intersubjectively supporting others to live with autonomy and choice.

Positive Psychology Coaching

... for personal development and increased well-being.

Positive Leadership Coaching

... to raise awareness of, and develop mastery in, the skills and resources needed to achieve personal and professional goals.


Emily, Brighton

                  Ruth is a fantastic coach, She has this extraordinary ability to make sense of what feel like disparate thoughts and goals, and helps turn them into something tangible. She's a great listener and creates a really welcoming and warm space for discussion. I came away from every session really energised and excited and would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Claire, London

               Ruth helped me enormously to identify my personal and professional development goals and devise practical plans towards realising my ambitions. With empathy and encouragement, Ruth enabled me to think through the challenges I was facing and how to manage them. After several sessions, I was able to reflect more positively on my achievements and better articulate the ways in which I might seek to fulfill my potential. I’d been stuck in a middle management role with limited progression for nearly ten years. After a few interviews for ‘Head of’ positions, I secured an executive Director role with an innovative company I’ve long admired. I’m more excited and hopeful as I embark on the next stage of my career journey than I’ve been for decades.

Gemma, London

                      Ruth has supported me through significant professional challenges and changes. Enabling me to hold my fears up to the light and see each one clearly. Every coaching session with Ruth feels like a progression, as if I’m walking a path with each step bringing increased self-awareness and confidence. Through a combination of careful listening, qigong exercises and visualisation, Ruth creates an environment in which I can look deeper inside myself and gain a new perspective on my life. She brings a vivacity, attentiveness and absolute focus that is energising and has been truly transformative. I recommend Ruth’s services to all my contacts seeking support to move towards a more fulfilling career, greater self-knowledge, and a bright, positive outlook.

S.H. Manchester

            I first consulted Ruth in the wake of a bereavement, shortly after I’d moved between cities, when I found myself lacking support. On top of that, I had a basketful of work-related problems after taking time out for caring without proper cover. Ruth’s steady reassurance helped me enormously in finding a way forward from this vulnerable place. Gradually, the focus moved from a path through grieving to exploring priorities, setting goals for personal growth as well as greater stability and effectiveness in the workplace. I can recommend Ruth wholeheartedly for her warmth, listening and observation skills, and for knowing when to comfort and when to challenge someone to think beyond their horizons.

F.L. London

                         Ruth came highly recommended through a colleague - who, I'm glad to say, didn't promise too much! I felt stuck in my career and the coaching process with Ruth helped me to clarify what I wanted (sometimes you just have to say it out loud!), weigh my options, and build up my self-confidence to go for it. I'm now glad to say, I was successful in applying for a new role to move my career forward.